When I started Zweiback Group in December 2009, my vision was to expand the professional and personal coaching services industry by helping to connect professional coaches with their ideal clients. While this is a great passion of mine, and an endeavor that I continue to nourish, the years of travel, networking, and working in various industry sectors led me to new consulting strategies.

What I’ve learned is that good strategy doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes the hard work of dedicated and engaged team members who value the process for creating effective, efficient and measurable processes that take advantage of today’s technology.

Zweiback Group is proud to be among a consortium of these passionate partners, who bridge the gaps between business, government, and academia. Our approach is creative, innovative, and reaches beyond traditional modes of brick and mortar thinking, or stagnant computer-based systems to bring new ways of solving complex problems through technology and services that disruptive to the status quo.

Collectively, we help propel you and your business forward at lightning speed for the cutting-edge future.

I look forward to sharing more details with you about Zweiback Group and industry matters.

Dr. Damita J. Zweiback