Zweiback Group helps businesses and government entities improve operational effectiveness through professional, scientific, and technical solutions. We design customized solutions to reduce labor intensive processes, reduce time, and ensure our clients meet quality standards. Our clients benefit from evidence-based operational readiness, data-driven requirements validation, and results proven outcomes. Our clients include private businesses, health care organizations, education and academic institutions, federal, state, and local governments, and non-government organizations.


  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (541):
    Management Consulting, Information Technology, Research and Development

  • Administrative Support Services (561):
    Day to Day Office and Operational Services

  • Educational Services (611):
    Education, Training, Coaching & Professional Development

  • Health Care & Social Assistance (624):
    Global Health Engagement, Humanitarian & Disaster Response

  • Public Administration Support Services (92):
    General and Defense Planning, Operations, & Measures of Readiness

  • Real Estate (53):
    Property Management, Housing, & Community Development


Our Executive clients never miss a deadline or a business opportunity while away from the office. With support from Zweiback Group, you have confidence and peace of mind knowing that operations are running efficiently and effectively. Whether you are on the go or in a meeting, your back office is there to back you up, available at your fingertips, and with the technology to keep you informed. When you are working hard out front, we make sure your back office is working supports you smartly. Our proven solutions free up labor intensive, costly processes, given you and your staff more time, energy, and resources to do more of what you do best!


Our pathways of performance and measures of effectiveness consists of operations management, technology management, and innovative design:

Operations Management:  ZG provides executive level leadership and the management support services necessary to ensure agencies have the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. We accomplish this through strategic analysis of agency policies and operating procedures guided by the objectives of the organization.

Technology Management:  ZG evaluates work flow processes to streamline and automate services. We implement and build the technology systems that unite day to day operations and management strategies to provide the most optimal solutions.

Innovative Design:  ZG assist agencies with finding better solutions that meet new requirements, an unarticulated need, or existing market needs. We custom design the solutions that fit your unique needs.  Our research facilitates innovation designs and promotes changes that lead to growth and differentiation. Innovation means change, experimentation, and new ideas which are inherently risky. ZG fully supports creative environments and inspire employees to take chances.


Operations Management:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Proposal Writing & Technical Editing

  • Program/Project Management

  • Assessment & Analysis

  • Customer Satisfaction & Management

  • Measures of Effectiveness

  • Measures of Performance

  • Health Policy & Program Development

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Administrative Support Services

  • Leadership Training & Development

  • Technical Writing & Editing

  • Budget/Finance Management

  • Acquisition Support Services

  • Continuity of Operations Planning

Technology Management:

  • Process Improvement Facilitation

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Information Technology

  • Health IT Services

  • Database Development

  • Automation Design and Implementation

Innovative Design:

  • Creative Solutions

  • Disruptive Technologies

  • Python Programming (coming December 2018)

  • Data Science (coming 2019)

  • Machine Learning (coming 2019)

  • Cybersecurity (coming 2019)

  • Artificial Intelligence (coming 2019)



518210 – Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
531311 – Real Estate and Property Management Consulting
541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
541519 – Other Computer Related Services
541611 – Administrative & General Management Consulting*
541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services
541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
541614 – Process, Physical Distribution, & Logistics Consulting Services
541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
541620 – Environmental Consulting Services
541690 – Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
541720 – Research & Development in Social Science and Humanities
541910 – Marketing Research and Analysis Services
561110 – Administrative Support Services
561320 – Temporary Help Services
561499 – All Other Business Support Services
611420 – Computer Training
611430 – Professional & Management Development Training
611710 – Education & Curriculum Development Services
624190 – Other Individual & Family Services
920000 – General Public Administration & Defense Support Services